Back To School …..how to manage

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While its that time of year again where the summer is approaching an end and the new school year is about to begin.  There is much excitement, sadness and anxiety all rolled in to one for children and their parents.  Why all the anxiety you ask, well for those still eating conventional foods Back to School […]

Hidden Gluten Is Right In Front of You

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hidden gluten is here

In our society there is a lot of gluten free products all over the place. We know this because at Strictly Gluten Free online market and East Northport Long Island NY market we investigate gluten free claims. What’s interesting is that there is much more gluten containing products everywhere… and that means there are risks […]

FDA Gluten Free Guidelines

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FDA gluten free guideline

FDA Gluten Free Guideline – SGF Featured on ABC News Food labeling was a joke and it’s starting to be less and less as health concerns guide the FDA to making decisions, albeit late. When the FDA gluten free guidelines of 2014 were finally established there was excitement but a lot of work to be done. Who […]

How Do We Shop For Gluten Free Trusted Products?

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gluten free shopping requirements

Food allergy and gluten free food requests are trending so much that grocery stores are revamping their aisles across the nation, and the world! Either you will see dedicate aisles for gluten free or products mixed in every aisle that have gluten free labels as well as organic, non GMO and other allergy labels. There is no […]

Why Join a Regional Trade Group

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Whole foods magazine

Article originally published on Whole Foods Magazine on 6/26/15.  Why Join a Regional Trade Group Written By: Stephen Distefano, NPA East View more articles in: Trade Secrets Why should I join NPA East?  It’s a question we get regularly from prospective members.  We sometimes get a similar question from current members: Why should I renew my […]

July 4th Gluten Free BBQ Planning

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Summer Gluten Free BBQ on

Summer time is here! There is nothing more American than a Summer bbq. Therefore planning for a July 4th Gluten Free BBQ is essential. Sun, laughter, watermelon, cocktails and beer, aroma of grilling on the bbq and fresh vegetables everywhere! It sounds so pleasant, innocent and exciting, and we hope that it remains that way for […]

How To Learn What Is Gluten Free?

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inspecting food

We hear this question almost every day in our Long Island market, “what is gluten free and what is unhealthy gluten free food” Shoppers walk in the door shopping for themselves or often for someone else and they’re very confused by what is nutritious gluten free food. This problem exists because our food supply isn’t […]

Would a drug option for Celiac Disease jeopardize gluten free risks?

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RX drug option for Celiac Disease

Does a drug to help treat some of Celiac Disease symptoms intrigue you, scare you, or simply confuse you? Celiac disease drugs are in research/development so let’s discuss. This is a fair debate as many of us know gluten-free lifestyles, when held strictly and carefully, can treat symptoms of Celiac Disease along with gluten intolerance and […]

Does More Gluten Free Accessibility = Celiac Safe Options?

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Whether it be in our Long Island Flagship Strictly Gluten Free retail store or feedback from our online customers, we’re always asked if we can carry a new product they love or find a new type of product. We love this challenging feedback, and encourage you the shoppers to share what’s important to your lifestyle choices. […]

Heading To Expo East Natural Food Show 2014

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Expo East

  Strictly Gluten Free will be on the road this week in Baltimore for Expo East. This is our countrie’s largest “natural food” trade show on the East Coast that brings together thousands of businesses, i.e. manufacturers, brand marketers and sales teams, brokers, distributors, suppliers, technology partners to meet, greet and/or launch what they hope […]