General Inquiries

To inquire about Strictly Gluten Free services and/or products please contact a representative at (631) 486-6835 or email us.


Want to work at Strictly Gluten Free we are always accepting resumes and looking for individuals to become part of our family. Send a resume along with a cover letter explaining why you are interested in the gluten free industry and why you feel you will be a good addition to the company. Submit all inquiries via email.


Are you interested in the emerging Gluten Free industry and would like to get involved with Strictly Gluten Free? If so, submit a confidential email with your interest today.

Media Inquiries

Are you interested in learning more about Strictly Gluten Free and the Gluten Free Industry, we would be happy to share our journey and experience in this industry. Submit all requests via email.

Product Submission

If you are interested in presenting your product for prospective placement in our store, kindly send an email along with a sell sheet for our review. There is a process in which we explore all new placement opportunities and will advise upon your initial contact with our representatives.


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What's on your mind? The Strictly Gluten Free team welcomes customer inquiries, business opportunities and special requests.