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Angela – Chief Gluten Free Lifestylist

AngelaMy gluten free lifestyle began upon being diagnosed with Celiac in April 2008, as a result of many years of misdiagnosis. There were many years that I suffered from migraines, digestion issues and ulcers and did not know why I was experiencing these issues at a young age. Since my sister was diagnosed with Celiac in January 2008, I then in turn decided to get tested myself. In the beginning it was rather difficult and discouraging when shopping for food, going out to restaurants, as there was much uncertainty if the meals were actually gluten free safe and on certain occasions I was affected by many cross-contaminated meals. The more I spoke to people about Celiac Disease the more I began to feel comfortable with my diagnosis and began to embrace that I was not alone. This very philosophy is what I looked to bring to Strictly Gluten Free in being an advocate and friend to all that need support when living a gluten free lifestyle. Remember that you “are not alone.” Since my diagnosis I am living a much happier, healthier and proud to say I’m Gluten Free. I look forward to sharing my experiences with others that need the same support that I was seeking.


Steve – Chief Gluten Free Visionary

SteveAlthough I was never initially diagnosed with Celiac, gluten sensitivity or gluten intolerance I was first introduced to the Gluten Free lifestyle when my wife was diagnosed in April 2008. At this point I began to take notice of the product offerings from manufacturers, retailers and restaurants and realized there was a tremendous void in the trustworthy gluten free category. While being employed in different industries within corporate America, I began envisioning the opportunity to create what later would become Strictly Gluten Free. Over time I began to reassess my career path and decided I unfortunately had strayed away from my passions of helping other people. Now I have the ability to realign my passions with that of my skills and Strictly Gluten Free was born. Ironically in March 2012 I had a food allergen test done and officially found out that I myself had some food sensitivities to gluten such as wheat, dairy along with some other allergens. Our mission going forward has been to become a staple within the communities we serve and always consider the needs and expectations of the gluten free health community. We will always share the same passion in building awareness, providing support and education for a healthier lifestyle.


Luca – Junior Chief in Training

LucaI am relatively new to the gluten free world as I was born June of 2011. Being a so-called sponge that us kids are considered I am eager to learn all aspects of gluten free living from my parents and the entire gluten free health community. While I will not be of legal age to work in the store, I will contribute in selecting the products, which are my favorite to share with everyone. I look forward to growing up in the store and exploring and playing with the shoppers who walk in and need help to be of great assistance to them. It is very exciting and I cannot wait to meet you all. Let’s have fun and live well!



About Strictly Gluten Free

Strictly Gluten Free is an exclusive gluten free (GF) and allergen free marketplace for the online health conscious consumer. The site was originally created to support the health food market in East Northport, Long Island NY and has now grown due to popularity. Strictly Gluten Free connects at first and foremost, gluten free shoppers with the newest and highest quality products on the market from all over the world and only carry products that back up gluten free claims. We’ve found that many manufacturers have not always tested and continue to verify that their products are gluten free so we are careful in the products we present to shoppers. Many of our products are also vegan, dairy free, soy free, nut free and more and these products are all handpicked by the two founders, Steve & Angela.

It gets even better, Strictly Gluten Free offers more than just shopping. While you’re online you can educate yourself and loved ones while browsing for related products by lifestyle in the lifestyle choices and/or allergen navigations and explore gluten-free health related news to name a few locations. Strictly Gluten Free focusses on education first to drive all of our necessary purchases. As the number of people maintaining gluten free lifestyle increases at a rapid pace the overall consumer group effected broadens. Whether you have Celiac Disease, Gluten Intolerance, Gluten Sensitivity, Autism, ADD, ADHD, Chronic Fatigue, IBS and Epilepsy or other auto-immune diseases our website empowers you with a resource for learning how to live gluten free smart and healthy. Please share our site with family, friends along with the health and medical industry, rate and review products on the site at your leisure and look out for specials 🙂