FDA Gluten Free Guideline – SGF Featured on ABC News

FDA gluten free guidelineFood labeling is no joke. When the gluten free FDA guidelines of 2014 were established there was excitement but a lot of work to be done. Who was going to police the gluten free guidelines?  Strictly Gluten Free is a leader in the credible, gluten free lifestyle movement. We verify all products directly from the manufacturer and don’t just trust a random label, our health is way too important.  Always contact the company directly to find out why their products is gluten free if it doesn’t have a trusted and credible gluten free 3rd party logo. Be careful out there as the marketplace has those who take advantage of others for profit.



Natural Products Association – Why Join a Regional Trade Group?

Strictly Gluten Free - Steve NPA EastSteve Distefano, Strictly Gluten Free co-founder and VP, is also the President of Natural Products (NPA) East trade organization. An article has been published in Whole Foods Magazine to professionals regarding inquiries about why others should join NPA East.  “It’s a question we get regularly from prospective members.  We sometimes get a similar question from current members: Why should I renew my membership in NPA East? For what amounts to about $2.00 a week, it should be an easy decision. But it’s not. Why? Because for most independent retailers who work seven days a week fighting for customers against competition that’s often larger and better funded, every dollar spent and every minute of the day consumed is critical.  At NPA East, we never lose sight of the challenges our members face every day…”



Serving Your Special-Diet Customer

serving special diet gluten free customersAlong with the leaders of the natural food industry our very own VP and Co-Founder of Strictly Gluten Free, Steve Distefano, spoke about the business end of catering to customers whom have gluten free and allergen specific lifestyle needs. “Whether paleo, vegan or gluten-free, special-diet customers demand specialized products and a deep level of expertise from the brands they purchase and the retailers they turn to. No longer just about food preferences, these “food tribes” are also defined by beliefs and behaviors….


Strictly Gluten Featured on Celiac.com

Celiac.com and SGFStrictly Gluten Free is the premier exclusive gluten-free retail and online marketplace for the health conscience consumer maintaining a gluten-free and allergen free lifestyle.  Strictly Gluten Free connects consumers with all the newest and highest quality gluten & allergen free products on the market from all over the world by taking away the hard work of exploring what truly is trusted and credibly gluten-free.

Shoppers within the gluten-free community are navigating through the clutter to experiment and obtain information to sustain their gluten free diets. Retail stores may have aisles for gluten free or websites may offer


Strictly Gluten Free Featured on Natural Food Magazine

NFM gluten free and health news

For Strictly Gluten Free in East Northport, N.Y., strictly means more than just gluten free. Owners Steve and Angela Distefano lead a gluten-free lifestyle, and they hold high standards for the products they put on the shelves. Most of all, the Distefanos measure success by helping customers reach their capacity for health. Do this, and the financial side of business will take care of itself, Steve says.

Check out Strictly Gluten Free on Fios1

Strictly-Gluten-Free-Fios1Dr. Matt visits Strictly Gluten Free, located in East Northport. Strictly Gluten Free is the premier exclusive gluten free marketplace for the onsite and online health conscience consumer maintaining a gluten free lifestyle.They connect gluten free consumers with all the newest and highest quality gluten free products on the market from all over the world.

Angela & Steve Wins the 2013 FOGGY AWARDS for Store Owners of the Year

Strictly-Gluten-Free-Foggy-AwardThe Naked Pizza FOGGY (free of gluten) Awards are given to those that shine light on the Celiac and Gluten-Free Community. See the results of the 2013 FOGGY AWARDS and all the Nominees. Where did the idea for the Naked Pizza FOGGY Awards come from? The Naked Pizza FOGGY Awards were created in 2012 by Jason & Darin at Find Me Gluten Free to honor those who provide a shining light in the Celiac and Gluten-Free community.

Gluten Free Shopping is finally here January 30, 2012

Strictly-Gluten-Free-Hufington-PostFor those of us with Celiac Disease or on gluten free diets/life styles shopping just got a whole lot easier! Strictly Gluten Free located on 396A Larkfield Road in East Northport just answered our wishes. This clean, super friendly and knowledgeable store has everything you need for leading a gluten free life style. The shelves are stocked with an abundance of top name brands and freezers are packed with prepared meals, snacks, and goodies.


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