Holistic Wellness

Holistic Wellness works with the whole individual; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual to balance all aspects of the individual.  Balancing the whole individual helps relieve stress, physical and emotional discomfort and provides you with a overall feeling of wellbeing.  Once balanced you will feel uplifted and empowered.  Empower yourself and find inner peace.

Want to learn more about the different modalities offered and have your questions answered? If you answered YES, embark on new beginnings here.


Personal Shoppers

Whether you are a newly diagnosed Celiac, Gluten Intolerant, Gluten Sensitive, affected by other allergies or diseases or even a seasoned gluten free life-stylist, we understand how overwhelming it can be so email us today for more information. There are many factors that we’re aware of that will affect your outlook on living a gluten free lifestyle:

  • Knowledge from a medical perspective on the disease, intolerance or symptoms that affect you.
  • Resources accessible on the GF market and knowing where to locate these resources to provide an added value in your transition in to living a gluten free lifestyle.
  • The ever-evolving products within the marketplace and the knowledge of which gluten free products are truly safe.


Health Coaching & Dietary Analysis 

Once you have been properly diagnosed by a medical professional and a gluten free diet has been recommended, your next step will be to seek guidance from an RD. Every GF individual has different signs, symptoms, likes and dislikes and therefore needs to be approached in a unique way in order to maintain a healthy GF diet.

The experiences and relationships that we have developed over the years have enabled us to refer our clients to many of well-known and recognized professionals throughout the gluten free industry. Email us today.


Cooking Demos 

At one time or another, we have all experimented in the kitchen with different gluten free and allergy friendly recipes. On many occasions some recipes have been a success and a great addition to your personal recipe cookbooks, but at times, they can go horribly wrong and become more of a mess to clean up. Looking back, now you can smile about it!

Email us to request either a cooking demo in your home or even catering for your GF event, we will make the necessary arrangements. We have relationships with top gluten-free chefs, gluten-free bakers and manutfacturers throughout the world! There is one truly common bond that we all have in common, eating. Our community is truly unique unlike any other community, market or industry in the world in that there is nothing but support and guidance available from everyone maintaining a GF lifestyle.


Restaurants / Food Service / Manufacturers 

As the gluten free industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, the opportunities for manufacturers, restaurants and other food service must adhere to stricter guidelines for consumer safety! We are at the forefront of ensuring labels are right and kitchens are transparent with their claims. While there are tremendous opportunities to become successful and profitable, there are many crucial factors to consider when entering the gluten free arena.

We specialize in consulting with businesses in defining the GF landscape, opportunities and obstacles to avoid when entering the GF market.  Email us and know that all discussions with clients are held highly confidential, and are developed uniquely to the client serviced, such as:

  • Introduction to the Gluten Free Industry
  • Discussing Market Opportunities
  • Product Recommendations
  • Menu Development Options & Revisions
  • Marketing to the Gluten Free Consumer
  • Cross Contamination Analysis
  • Staff Training
  • Product/Facility Certification Assistance